Hit, Miss, or Let – Week of 11/09/2015

How to Get Away with Murder

Fall finales are approaching and things are heating up. Check out our reviews with the latest Hit, Miss, or Let.


Black-ish – 2×07 – “Charlie in Charge”

When finding out this episode was going to focus on Zoey’s college tour, I groaned. Zoey is the weakest link of the Johnson kids, so it was warranted. Charlie and Diane managed to make up for it though. Junior and Jack try to help Charlie hook up with an old girlfriend (shout out to Amber Rose). Of course things go awry. Diane is the only sane woman and eventually steps in. Oh, and Zoey learns Rainbow is not so corny.

How to Get Away with Murder – 2×08 – “Hi, I’m Philip”

First of all, Oliver didn’t die, so that was a relief to us all. Annalise put Sinclair in her place once and for all by winning the Hapstall case. Only, it seems like Catherine was responsible for the murders after all. So many twists. And lots and lots of sex. Everyone was getting it in. This week we find out who shoots Annalise.


Empire – 2×07 – “True Love Never”

Empire has gone so far down the drain, I don’t even know if it’s recoverable. It needs a plumber at this point. I don’t see how Cookie doesn’t see that her new boo is using her. Is the sex that good? Plus, Hakeem is making decisions for Lyon Dynasty which can’t turn out good. At least Jamal had one good song.

Scandal – 5×08 – “Rasputin”

Scandal is not just bad at this point, it’s forgettable. Last week’s episode was about how Fitz found out Olivia released her father, who happened to kill his son. He got mad for ten seconds and forgave her. Or something like that. Jake is tired of Olivia’s crap and so are we.

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