Hit, Miss, or Let – Week of 11/02/2015

'How to Get Away with Murder' - Viola Davis

Another week means another edition of Hit, Miss, or Let. Let’s get right to it.


Minority Report – 1×07 – “Honor Among Thieves”

This episode was much better than the last. It put the focus back on the core team, with Dash going on his first solo mission. So of course things were bound to go awry. It was okay because it gave a chance for Vega and Arthur to partner up and they actually have a nice synergy.

Being Mary Jane – 3×04 – “Being Kara”

I don’t think there’s any show that explores the Black experience quite like¬†Being Mary Jane. In the follow up of the suicide episode, this episode seems to be more about dealing with pain and stress. Mary Jane has her Cutty Buddy. Kara is still trying to figure that out, although she’s yelling for now. This episode does give us a glimpse into Kara’s life and lets us see why she is the way she is. Her kids are giving her the blues. And Loretta Devine is acting her butt off in this Hotep deviation from her normal characters.

Sleepy Hollow – 3×06 – “This Red Lady from Caribee”

Three major things worked for this episode. No father drama. Whatever Pandora’s planning has come to a head. And Jenny is still headlining her own storyline and being a boss.

How to Get Away with Murder – 2×07 – “I Want You to Die”

I don’t know how How to Get Away with Murder manages to sustain such a high level of quality, but it seems to get better each week. Annalise is losing it, but her shade game remains strong. Bonnie is turning into a serial killer (and not a very good one). ¬†They even managed to get Oliver involved and kidnapped. If HTGAWM had Scandal’s time slot, it would be perfect.


Rosewood – 1×06 – “Policies and Ponies”

Rosewood was missing that spark this week. Rosie and Villa’s relationship was front and center, and I could’ve done without it. The case of the week focused on the captain, but we haven’t been given many reasons to care about him. The only highlight was Rosie’s father popping up which sets up for the next episode.

Empire – 2×06 – “A High Hope for a Low Heaven”

All I’m going to say about Empire is Hakeem was kidnapped and released before the first commercial break. It went downhill from there.

Scandal – 5×07 – “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance”

We keep going in circles and landing back where we started. Even Jake is getting tired of it. Olivia is about to take the power of the presidential office for herself, but it seems a couple of seasons too late. And there was no Mellie.

Make sure to let us know what your hits and misses are.


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