‘Surviving’ Web Series

The apocalypse and zombies have been a classic staple in horror and dystopia since I don’t know when. But somehow, someway, Black people usually don’t survive to see the apocalypse. If they do, they become cannon fodder. Take The Walking Dead for example. You know a Black character is about to die when a new Black character is introduced. But you don’t have to worry about that with “Surviving,” a new web series developed by Reagan Gomez. Surviving is told from the point of view of Shayla, a Black woman, who gets a close view of the apocalypse. Check out the first couple of episodes below.


When Shayla’s hospital is inundated with sick patients, she hears rumors that the “sickness” is actually a mysterious virus. Even with the city on the brink of an evacuation, Shayla remains professional and calm as she finishes her shift. It’s not until much later when she comes face to face with the effects of the virus, that she realizes how serious things are.

New episodes of “Surviving” are released on Tuesdays.


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