Hit, Miss, or Let – Week of 10/12/2015

Sleepy Hollow

Another week and another edition of Hit, Miss, or Let. Check out to see where this week’s shows landed and let us know where you would place them.


Minority Report – 1×04 – “Fredi”

Minority Report continues to move in the right direction, even if that road leads to cancellation. With the team fully formed and Dash situated in the department, it was time to put him under cover. He learns the pain of heartbreak and the relationship between him and Vega strengthens, even if he’s given reasons to not trust her. I don’t know if this upward trend will be enough to save the show, though

Rosewood – 1×04 – “Vitamins and Vandals”

Having Lorraine Toussaint be such a focus in this episode automatically makes it a hit. But Rosewood finally meets his match, a fellow doctor, and has to almost die to get the better of him. This episode changed it up a little bit. Instead of trying to find the killer, they already know and is trying to find evidence. It worked. Sometimes it’s not the who that’s important to the storyline. The potential son storyline seems almost pointless, but it drives home the point that Rosewood is living on borrowed time.

Black-ish – 2×04 – “Daddy’s Day”

I always considered Zoey as the weak link on Black-ish, but she proves me wrong this episode. The way she handles Dre is inspired. The look she gives Dre as she passes him driving is fire. Plus Zendaya! And now we’re pretty sure that Ruby will have Dre kill someone (probably Pops) for her one day, if she hasn’t already.

Scandal – 5×04 – “Dog-Whistle Politics”

It was tough to gauge the last episode of Scandal. The plot was thin, but the political message made up for it. Scandal tackled microaggressions Black people face head on like few shows would dare. Plus the process to get Fitz impeached is about to start. And Marcus finally made his first appearance of the season. We’ll see if Scandal can ride this high.

Sleepy Hollow – 3×03 – “Blood and Fear”

The reset button on Sleepy Hollow has been working so far. I’m a mythology junkie, so this exploration into various mythologies is scratching an itch for me. They had a cool take on Jack the Ripper. With each episode, Abbie and Ichabod are finding their way back to each other. And thank goodness Jenny has her own storyline.

How to Get Away with Murder – 2×04 – “Skanks Get Shanked”

How to Get Away with Murder is what Scandal could be if Scandal had a decent plot. There’s so much duplicity and backstabbing, you don’t know who to trust. And the case they had this week was one of the craziest yet, one even Annalise couldn’t get out of. It was reeking of Affluenza. And shout out to Annalise for putting Connor in his place. She runs things around here. At least until she gets shot.


Empire – 2×04 – “Poor Yorick”

Once again Empire finds itself on the “Miss” list. The plot was forgettable. The weight of the show has fallen squarely on Cookie’s shoulder, but she is getting no help from the writing. How old is Hakeem? He acts like a teenager. Jamal is just as annoying. Andre continues to find God, but he needs to find a therapist. And if I never hear Marisa Tomei attempt to speak in AAVE again, it will be too soon. But at least they finally dealt with Vernon.


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