Hit, Miss, or Let – Week of 09/21/2015

How to Get Away with Murder - ABC

Now that the fall television season has commenced, we’re rolling out a new feature called “Hit, Miss, or Let” to review the week in Black TV. We’ll be labeling each episode as a hit, miss, or a let. A hit means the episode was generally good and quite enjoyable. A miss means that the episode fell flat and needed a lot of improvement. A let (a tennis term) means that it could’ve gone either way, and we’ll give the show another week to see how it goes. So let’s take a look at the previous week.


Minority Report – 1×01 – “Pilot”

Minority Report got a lot of grief from the critics, but I found it to be enjoyable. It’s good to see another Black woman in a leading role on a Sci-Fi TV show. Meagan Good has a quirky chemistry with the male lead that provides for many funny moments but has room for growth. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the Minority Report film the series is based on, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. But I’m looking forward to seeing Vega kick some butt.

Black-ish – 2×01 – “The Word”

The season premiere of Black-ish managed to recapture everything we love about the series. The storyline revolving around the N-Word was earnest yet hilarious. The twins were everything as usual. Jack’s naivety tugged at heart strings while Diane’s ruthlessness produced tears of laughter. Jr. is still an endearing nerd, and Zoey is still Zoey. Her braids were nice, though. And to top it off, we got both Pops and Ruby.

How to Get Away with Murder – 2×01 – “It’s Time to Move On”

How to Get Away with Murder probably had the best episode of the entire week across all networks and genres. Between Wes telling Annalise what we’ve all wanted to tell professors when getting cold called to Annalise bagging everyone. Plus, she debuted a new club wig. Rebecca’s murderer is revealed (like promised), and new mysteries unfold.


Rosewood – 1×01 – “Pilot”

Rosewood has a lot of promise, but it needs something to set it apart. It has an interesting premise, but it needs to delve deeper. Dr. Rosewood has medical issues of his own, but we’ve seen that before. We’ve seen doctors/medical examiners help out the police. It needs to find its thing to make it great. It does get extra points for having Lorraine Toussaint, though.

Empire – 2×01 – “The Devils Are Here”

Empire was probably the most anticipated show of the season. It tried to do a lot, to live up to its reputation, and it succeeded at some things and failed at others. Cookie, Becky, and Porsha delivered as usual, and Mimi shook things up. But making Lucious the face of mass incarceration left a bad taste in my mouth. And as the Lyon brothers drift away from each other, so does my ability to care about them. I couldn’t keep up with the number of guest stars. I’m hoping that now that the big premiere is out of the way, it can settle into its stride.

Scandal – 5×01 – “Heavy Is the Head”

Scandal has become the Olitz show, and it’s tiring. None of the bad people seem to face consequences, while the “good” guys (let’s face, there are no truly good guys) can’t win. Fitz continues to treat Mellie like trash. Olivia’s intuition has gone down the drain. It’s probably because she hangs around David Rosen too much. The Princess Diana storyline was meh, and alienated a few viewers. The only saving grace was the end which threatened to blow Olitz out of the water.


It’s the first week, so we extended lifelines to give shows a chance to get everything together. We’ll see if they can improve in the next week.

What shows do you think were hits, misses, and lets? Is there a show you think should be covered?


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