‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Season One Recap

How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder started off with one major murder, but it really upped the count over the season. Lies, affairs, and betrayal were the mark of the season. No one was safe from corruption. No one can claim innocence. It’s been over half a year since the first season finale, so let us refresh your memory.

  • Annalise found herself a nice youthful holiday wig.
  • Annalise can get herself any man at anytime and have them do anything she wants.
  • Annalise put Nate, her boy toy, through the ringer, including a trip to jail.
  • The law kids are bad at the whole murder thing.
  • Annalise got a rude awakening from her mother but had a touching mothering moment with Wes.
  • Wes finally put some bass in his voice.
  • Wes has a disgusting relationship with Rebecca.
  • Bonnie’s win record is almost as bad as David Rosen’s.
  • Bonnie is sleeping with Asher.
  • Michaela finally ends her engagement with her sexually ambiguous beau.
  • Connor sleeps around to get ahead but falls for Oliver.
  • Connor and Oliver gets tested for HIV. Connor’s in the clear, but Oliver tested positive.
  • Laurel and Frank had sexual angst.
  • Laurel also had a thing with a legal aid.
  • Laurel is dealing with being a disappointment to her father (and quite frankly, the viewers).
  • Frank killed Lila.
  • Wes killed Sam, although it was more of a team effort.
  • Who killed Rebecca? It doesn’t really matter.
  • Viola Davis won the Emmy.


Season Two of How to Get Away with MurderĀ premieres September 24 and will air Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.


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