‘The Student Body’ Web Series

When it rains, it pours. Xander Nicholas finds that out the hard way. In “The Student Body,” Xander’s life goes to Hell. Catch the series to see how everything turns out. The newest episode is below but you can catch up on the series here.


Xander Nicholas thought it was hard for him already after he got fired from Buzzfeed. But times are about to get harder for him with an eviction and an expulsion from Nagrom State University. Xander has no choice but to move in with his abusive foster parents. What will he do when times get hard? Will Dream Visions be the cure to his problems or his demise?


Cory McGhee – Xander

Kimà Workman – Latisha

Chad Hall – Jack

Samantha Hall – Petra

Mike Powell – Chad

Ryan Butler – Lyon

Juan Brown – Housing Manager

Eric Jones – Delivery Boy #1

Christian Smooth – Delivery Boy #2/ Obama

Dymarus Cooper – Darius


Director/Writer/Editor – Christian Smooth

Director of Photography – Christian Smooth

Director of Photography – Eric Jones

Director of Photography – Shane Johnson

Camera Operator – Cory McGhee

Assistant Producer – Chad Hall


Film and TV nerd. Sci-fi lover. Writer.