‘Dangers of the Tongue’ Trailer

The life of a soldier is rough. It is unimaginable to most of us civilians. When soldiers have to readjust back to civilian life, it can be an unnerving experience. This can be made even worse when outside forces are also at work. Check out the synopsis and trailer for “Dangers of the Tongue” below.


Cedrick is back in St. Croix after being honorably discharged from the military. His adjustment to civilian life is not what he imagined; things get more complicated when and old friend of his (G-dog) needs his help when he finds himself in jail. Cedrick wants to help his friend but he has to take unwanted risks that will make the Dangers of the Tongue a reality.


Ramon Richardson

Renato Tavares

Vanessa Hamilton


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  • Nlighten

    I love this. This is what hard works gets you, the best. Keep it up. Bless

    • Ramon Richardson