Abbie Mills Does Indeed Deserve Better

The sins of Season Two of Sleepy Hollow are falling on Season Three. After the mess of Season Two, viewers have flocked. And it’s all the writers’ fault. And now that Abbie Mills is gone, hope is all but lost.

Most of us were drawn into Sleepy Hollow with its quirky premise and undeniable chemistry between the two main characters, Ichabod Crane and Abigail “Abbie” Mills. The first season took us on an adventure as they tried to navigate their shared destiny.

It didn’t matter that Ichabod was married to the witch, Katrina.¬†We were told by AppleCare that Katrina wouldn’t be a main focus. She would be more of a supporting character. But that was a lie.

Katrina’s and Henry Noble’s storylines were elevated while Abbie’s, Jenny’s, and Captain Irving’s were drastically reduced. Katrina was supposed to be so powerful but was always in peril. Abbie once had to cast a spell that this so called powerful witch couldn’t cast. The only magic Katrina was able to cast was dying her hair an unnatural color in colonial times. Yet, it was Abbie who was sidelined.

And now Abbie is gone. Her send off was a hot mess. It was anticlimactic. They teased the relationship of Abbie and Ichabod all season long with no payoff. There was no declaration of love. And Abbie is content to give up her life for the advancement Ichabod, even though it was supposed to be their shared destiny. No fight or nothing.

We should’ve known something was up when Abbie got a promotion to the FBI. It was too good to be true. Speaking of the FBI, what’s going to happen to Danny? Jenny? Will they get phased out? Abbie was the glue that held all the characters together. With the exception of Betsy Ross, Abbie was the center of their little web. She was the heart of show, the reason a lot of us stuck around.

When they didn’t ask Orlando Jones back, we should’ve known it was the beginning of the end. And now Nicole Beharie is ready to move on. How bad were things on set that the lead is fine with leaving after only three years?

Nicole Beharie will be fine. She is a talented actor and has her whole career ahead of her. I can’t wait to see what she does next, but my soul is ready. Sleepy Hollow on the other hand won’t be fine. At this point, they’ll be lucky to match their Season Two ratings.

Will you be giving Season Four a shot if it gets renewed? What’s your favorite Abbie moment?


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    NO. I’m gone.