Jesus is Real Meets Swirly Cult: ‘Black-ish’ – ‘Parental Guidance’ Review

Black-ish Parental Guidance

This week’s episode of Black-ish was one of the funniest episodes of anything that I’ve seen. I laughed from the teaser all the way to the credits.

The episode centered around Dre and Rainbow’s vow renewal. After their wedding was a less than spectacular event, they wanted to make up for it. But so much was going on that the vow renewal took a backseat to everything, and I’m ok with that.

My favorite episodes include either Laurence Fishburne or Jenifer Lewis. And if we get both in one episode? Nirvana. This episode was no different. Then add Anna Deavere Smith and Beau Bridges as Rainbow’s parents and hilarity ensued. There were so many quotables I could dedicate a whole post to them. But Ruby shading Rainbow’s cooking and her parents’ swirly cult stood out.

Usually when it comes to the Johnson kids, I am here for the twins, but the older two are hit and miss. In this episode, however, all four kids were on point. Whether it was Andre Jr. and Zoey going at over bastardization or Jack and Diane wondering if they were even twins, they provided consistent laughs without adult interaction.

This episode is one of the rare sitcom episodes that I can watch time after time. Even just reflecting on it is making me laugh. We definitely need to see more of the parents. They’re comedic gold.

I give this episode 5 bulgar kernels out of 5.

Black-ish airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.


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