Memorial Day Special – ‘The Cookout’

The Cookout

What’s Memorial Day without a cookout? Veteran’s Day. A cookout is a celebration for all occasions. It is, however, a breeding ground for trifeness. Take The Cookout for example. What should be a simple cookout can quickly get out of control.… Continue Reading


Ten Great TV Moms

TV Mom - Clair Huxtable

It’s Mother’s Day, and what better way is there to celebrate than by highlighting some great Black TV moms. There’s nothing on Earth like a Black mom, and that’s been showcased on television. Check out the list below for just… Continue Reading


‘Black-ish’ Is Back

Black-ish is by far one of my favorite sitcoms, and I’m glad it’s back. The Johnson family makes you consider starting a family of your own. The twins are adorable, my favorites of the kids. Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis… Continue Reading