Black History Month Day 27 – ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story’


Pebbles Reid may be a piece of crap, but TLC was/is that girl group. They had some hits. “No Scrubs” let women everywhere know they didn’t have to deal with ain’t sh*t men, a lesson that is still relevant in the age of Hotep Twitter.

When CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story was first announced, many were apprehensive. That apprehension grew when Lil Mama was announced to be playing Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. But CrazySexyCool ending up proving us wrong and was well put together for a VH1 television film. Lil Mama ending up being the breakout star, putting her all in it.

CrazySexyCool didn’t hold back any punches. It gave us a candid look into what happened behind the scenes of TLC’s career, including the manipulations of Pebbles. Pebbles trifling tail really gave them those janky Rav 4s.

It was VH1’s highest rated original film as well as the highest rated television film of 2013. It is available here.


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