Olivia Should Consider Going Natural – ‘Scandal’ Episode 4×10 Review


I think the question that was running through everyone’s mind last Thursday night while watching Scandal was “WTF?” So much happened and so little happened at the same time. It was a total mindf*ck.

The episode centered around Olivia’s kidnapping. We got to see what happened when she was actually kidnapped, what the midseason finale alluded to, and the aftermath.

The episode really upped the shock value. You had the kidnappers faking out Jake and actually taking Olivia next door. Then there was them killing the old lady and using her to smuggle Olivia out. And then there was Olivia’s cellmate who was actually her kidnapper, which surprised no one by the way.

If you take away the shock value, you’d realize that the plot of the episode was fairly thin. They stretched fifteen minutes of plot into an hour. The kidnapping thing at the beginning of the episode took ten minutes and added nothing to the plot. The episode was peppered with useless flashbacks.

About the only thing that advanced the plot was the most improbable thing. Abby did some kind of Inception type sh*t that enabled Olivia’s escape. We’re supposed to believe that somewhere in Olivia’s mind, she knew and/or remembered about the ring on an obscure pipe? Sure.

For an episode centering around Olivia, there was a surprising (or maybe not) lack of characterization. We didn’t learn anything new about her. Her kidnapper made it a point to say that her Achilles’s Heel was her penchant for saving people and not being able to save someone. But everyone knows that. People who don’t watch the show know that. We know about her feelings for Jake and Fitz. This was a golden opportunity squandered.

The saving grace of this episode is that there was no Quinn and no real life Fitz. So that automatically makes it one of the better Scandal episodes.

If using an arbitrary rating system, I would have to add a point for no Quinn and Fitz but take away a point for Olivia sitting on that nasty toilet. So I’d give it 3 dingy white hats out of 5.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.


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