‘The Founders’ Keeper’

The Founders' Keeper Cover

The Founders’ Keeper is a film that has been released as a web series on YouTube. It has taken fraternity life to a whole new level. Check out what happens when someone is willing to do anything to protect the code of his fraternity.


Sean Johnson, is a member of a fraternity and a serial killer, who is killing members of his own fraternity who do not adhere to the fraternity’s guidelines. He is dating, Christina, who is also a member of a sorority. When Sean feels Christina’s love for her sorority does not match the love he has for his fraternity, he decides to kill her, but during the process, he finds out she is pregnant.


Shadner Ifrene – Sean Johnson

Khalimah Gaston – Christina


Creator – Saquan Jones

It’s also available for purchase if you want to show financial support here. Check out the first episode below.



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