Denzel Washington Is America’s Favorite Movie Star

Despite Sony’s lack of confidence in him, Denzel Washington is once again named America’s Favorite Movie Star. This poll is calculated by the same people who bring us the Nielsen Ratings. This is Washington’s fifth year at number one, and he has consistently been in the top 10. There’s only been three years where he hasn’t been in the top ten since the list’s inception in 1994: 1994, 1999, and 2005. Not too bad for someone who just turned sixty.

Other interesting tidbits from the list? John Wayne is number two and is the only actor to be in the top ten since the list’s inception. Gone with the Wind is America’s Favorite Movie, an interesting contrast to America’s Favorite Movie Star.

Either way, congrats to Denzel Washington. Any movie he’s in is worth seeing, so it’s not a surprise.

Source: Harris Interactive


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