Stop Showing Iris West Dying Every Week

Candice Patton as Iris West

Dear writers/producers of The Flash,

Please stop showing Iris West dying. It’s the biggest plot point of the season, that Iris is destined to die. It’s mentioned in almost every scene. We don’t need the visual reminder every episode.

America has a long history of glorifying the brutalization of Black bodies. From the horrors of slavery to the lynchings of Jim Crow to the slaughter of unarmed civilians by the police, it has been a sick source of entertainment and pleasure to a certain sect of people.

These are the same people who have done nothing but criticize Iris since her casting. Candice Patton still has to deal with vitriol to this day, just because the producers dared cast a Black woman.

So, I’m sure seeing Iris die week in and week out feeds those trolls who were looking for her to die in the first season.

But it can also be triggering for a loyal, dedicated sect of the fan base, Black women (and men). It brings up images of lynching and how (white) people would attend and have a good time like it was a ball game.

With as much as it’s mentioned that Iris is going to die, it being shown isn’t necessary. All it takes is a sentence in the recap.


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  • FanMe

    I wholeheartedly agree! As a fan of Iris it has been extremely hard to see that scene replayed over and over by the show. Furthermore, I have witnessed people who hate the character make light of the footage and pictures of that scene and use it as it some sick form of entertainment on youtube and facebook. The producers of this show are very shortsighted and myopic with a limited understanding of the cultural implications of the images they are producing. Can’t wait till this storyline is over and she is saved!

  • Kendall

    No one wants to acknowledge it but it’s pure racism to show a black woman(just a black person in general) die every week. It really does take us back to the days of lynching black people for KKK entertainment and I really think the writersproducers are obtuse and clueless about it. And all the people taking joy of it either don’t realize they’re racist monsters or do realize it and don’t care, either way they’re scum