‘Gods of Egypt’ Falls from Grace

Controversy has plagued Gods of Egypt since its casting. For a film set in a historical African country, it featured no one of African/Egyptian descent in the lead roles, only supporting roles. When they announced their white cast, they signed their death sentence.

In 2016, people are tired of whitewashed properties. We have gotten a taste of diversity and seen how successful it could be, so we are beyond the days where a white cast is needed to draw viewers. And we specifically want to tell our own stories.

However, Hollywood hasn’t made it there yet. They’re hellbent on this narrative that films starring Black people/people of color don’t do well, despite the abundance of evidence that contradicts it. We tried to tell them that this wasn’t a good idea. What did they do? They sunk $140 million into their little whitewashed film. And their return of investment? $14 million domestically for opening weekend and $5 million for their second weekend. So much for their theory that they needed a white cast to draw an audience.

How much money are they’re going to piss away on films like these before they invest in more diversity?


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