A Beyoncé Biopic Is Inevitable, Right?

Beyonce Biopic

Beyoncé released a new song, “Formation,” this last Saturday (Saturday before the Super Bowl) and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. The song came with a video and a Super Bowl performance. And with that came all the think pieces and criticisms. But that’s become the life of Beyoncé, one where every move is analyzed and picked apart. 

It got me thinking. I wrote about Serena Williams getting a biopic. But what about Beyoncé? It seems like every singer is getting one, dead or alive, legendary or not. It’s only a matter of time before someone sinks their hooks into Beyoncé’s life story, especially given her immense popularity and accomplishments. 

The Destiny’s Child era alone would provide enough material. It would be fun to see some of her iconic shade recreated, like the infamous luggage incident. But then there’s her meteoric rise to being the Beyoncé we know now, her evolution from “Crazy to Love” to “Drunk in Love.” Dropping surprise albums and selling out concerts in less than hour. Then there are personal stories to tell. There’s the journey she went through to start a family, culminating in the birth of Blue Ivy. You could even include the tabloids suggesting how Blue was born via surrogate. The relationship with her father. They just have to make sure to include how Keri Hilson and Keyshia Cole said something negative about Beyoncé, and their careers ended. 

I’m not sure who should play Beyoncé. It probably wouldn’t have to be a singer because I’m sure no one wants anyone to rerecord her songs, fearing they might not be able to do her justice and incur the wrath of the BeyHive and general public. Someone up and coming would be nice.

Now for someone like Beyoncé, the biopic would have to be released in theaters, if only because the BeyHive would riot otherwise. Lifetime doesn’t want those problems. 

What parts of Beyoncé’s life would you want a biopic to focus on? Who would you want to play her?


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