15 Things to Leave in 2015

2016 is rolling in, and it’s a time for new beginnings. You can finish that script you’re working on or that short film you’ve been putting off. To make way for new beginnings, you got to leave some things in the past. Here are some things that needs to stay in 2015.

  1. Generic African accents
  2. Unnecessary guest stars
  3. The idea that Black people can’t sell films
  4. Kevin Hart
  5. Lack of Black love portrayals
  6. No Living Single on DVD or Netflix
  7. Olitz
  8. Biopics starring Chadwick Boseman
  9. Remakes/Reboots
  10. Sci-Fi/Fantasy with no Black people
  11. Will Smith with a white (blonde) love interest
  12. Award shows that don’t recognize Black people
  13. Video and audio that don’t sync up
  14. Whitewashing
  15. Any doubt about your talent and whether you should be a filmmaker (director/writer/actor/cinematographer, etc.)

What are your 2016 resolutions, and what do you want to leave in 2015?


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