Hit, Miss, or Let – Week of 10/26/2015

Black-ish Halloween

Halloween was this weekend, and some of our favorite shows celebrated the holiday. And other shows like Rosewood and Empire had a bye week due to the World Series (congrats to the Royals). It may have been a holiday, but the show must go on. We have a new edition of Hit, Miss, or Let.


Being Mary Jane – 3×03 – “Sparrow”

Being Mary Jane pulled out all the stops this episode. It explores suicide and how we deal with it in the Black Community. It also explores how sometimes our friendships devolve and fall apart. And Mary Jane goes on a reading spree, with David and Lisa’s father being casualties.

Black-ish – 2×06 – “Jacked O’ Lantern”

It may have been a Halloween episode, but the theme of this episode is that family is always there for you. Dre’s cousin bullies him, but it comes from a place of love as he secretly protects him. And then that is mirrored with the Johnson children who are bullied and protected by their cousins. Rainbow learns that Halloween is not as safe as she once thought. And of course Ruby hands out salvation to trick or treaters.

Sleepy Hollow – 3×05 – “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

Sleepy Hollow did a crossover with Bones and it was actually well done. Despite Sleepy Hollow being science fiction/fantasy and Bones not, they managed to keep the integrity of both shows and both episodes even had a unifying storyline. Abbie and Ichabod have an interesting chemistry with Bones and Booth. I could see them double dating and it being hilariously awkward. I was skeptical about the crossover, but I wouldn’t mind another one.

How to Get Away with Murder – 2×06 – “Two Birds, One Milestone”

How to Get Away with Murder continues to come for our throats. We are getting closer to the shooting of Annalise and we basically still know nothing but are hooked nonetheless. And the case of the week delicately weaves in transgender issues and domestic violence.


Scandal – 5×06 – “Get Out of Jail, Free”

It’s the same old same old with Scandal. Are we even in a new season? Any progress is followed by regress. Everything’s back to the status quo. The impeachment is off. Papa Pope is out of jail. Jake is single again. Scandal just refuses to move forward.


Minority Report – 1×06 – “Fiddler’s Neck”

This episode of Minority Report was meh to me. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t compelling, either. Agatha is the main focus of the episode, and I just haven’t been able to connect with her. Maybe it’s because her interactions with the other main characters are limited. She just seems more like a plot device. She’s just not worthy of being a major focus of an episode.

What are your hits and misses of the week?


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