Hit, Miss, or Let – Week of 10/19/2015

Sleepy Hollow

Another week has come and gone, and that means a new edition of Hit, Miss, or Let. There was a little switching around, so check out our review to see where everything fell.


Minority Report – 1×05 – “The Present”

The season (but hopefully not series) is half over, but it has really found its stride. Now that the characters and world has been established, more time is dedicated to the storytelling. They’ve managed to craft a nice balance between the crime of the week and and furthering the serial arc. And this time the crime of the week pulls double duty by giving us insight into main character Lara Vega. In investigating her father’s killer, we get to see what shaped her personality and what pushed her to join the police department. Vega gets closure, and Minorty Report gets better.

Black-ish – 2×05 – “Churched”

Really all I have to say is Black church vs white church. And of course Junior would fit right in at the white church. Also, one of the best decisions they’ve made was adding Jenifer Lewis as a regular.

Sleepy Hollow – 3×04 – “The Sisters Mills”

After a mess of second season, Sleepy Hollow seems to have found a formula that is working for them. This time the monster of the week is the tooth fairy, and it’s not Dwayne Johnson. This was a tooth fairy who fed on the life essence of children and is invisible to adults. The monster of week schtick has worked so far, but it’s time for us to get a better look at the big picture, what this second tribulation is supposed to be. And it’s time for the storyline revolving around Abbie and Jenny’s dad to come to a head. I don’t expect any leeway this week, since it’s a crossover episode with Bones. So maybe the week after? Oh, and shout out to Lance Gross for finally making the opening credits.

How to Get Away with Murder – 2×05 – “Meet Bonnie”

One of the marks of a great TV show is making you feel the full spectrum of emotions and not just frustration. And that’s exactly what How to Get Away with Murder does. I’m frustrated with Asher. For once, I feel sorry for Bonnie. I’m wary of Wes and Levi. I can’t make up my mind about Connor. And I’m enamored with Annalise. It’s almost too much to handle. I briefly died when Annalise took Michaela’s phone, and as we get close to the shooting of Annalise, we’re realizing that it really could be anyone.


Empire – 2×05 – “Be True”

Empire keeps doing what it does best: disappointing us. The stuff that happens is ludicrous. One of the characters gets robbed at razor blade point. Bipolar people are getting portrayed as murderous. Ne-Yo is giving relationship advice. And Hakeem, who is supposed to be famous and what not, gets kidnapped in public in broad daylight, and no one bats an eye. It’s a good thing Andre is finding Jesus because that’s what this show needs.

Scandal – 5×05 – “You Got Served”

We have spent far too long with this whole Olitz storyline. They stayed in limbo for most of the episode, like most episodes, only for Cyrus to bail them out at the end, falling for the lovey-dovey words from Fitz that he should’ve known better than to fall for. The only redeeming part of this episode is Eddison reading Olivia.


Rosewood – 1×05 – “Necrosis and New Beginnings”

I had mixed feelings about this episode. Mama Rosewood was on point as usual, even stealing the episode with her conversation with her future daughter-in-law about what parental love is. But I can’t get over them pushing Rosie toward Villa. I said earlier that Rosewood needed to set itself apart from other shows of its ilk, and this is definitely not the way. If Rosie and Villa end up together, Rosewood will just be a gender-swapped Bones. Plus Nicole Ari Parker has been a pleasant surprise, and I would like her to stick around.

Let us know what were your Hits, Misses, and Lets. Do you have any suggestions on what to review? It might get added to the list.


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