Could Wesley Snipes be Returning to ‘Blade’?

Wesley Snipes - Blade

Wesley Snipes was at Comic Con promoting his new show, The Player, and he discussed the possibility of him returning to the Blade franchise under the Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrella. Here’s what he told to Deadline.

The project [Blade] is controlled by Marvel and we did have a really productive and a wonderful meeting and we discussed a number of things. I don’t know where it’s on their schedule at this point, that hasn’t been decided. I guess it’s still up in the air.

When asked if Blade 4 was out the question, would he be interesting in being involved in the MCU in another way, he said:

That’s a possibility too. I’ve always been a fan of these pieces and adaptations and I’d be nice to be a part of the family again. But if we don’t to a Blade 4 or something else with Marvel, we’ll do something else. We have some other characters and some other concepts that are going to be just as exciting and hopefully just as successful.

Personally, I would love to see Wesley Snipes involved in an MCU film, whether it’s Blade or another film. Marvel will probably be looking for someone younger, but hey, Robert Downey, Jr. is 50. So, we’ll see. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Snipes in another Blade film?


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