A Serena Williams Biopic Is Inevitable, But Who to Play Her?

Serena Williams

The draw for Wimbledon was released today, and Serena Williams continues her quest for a Serena Slam and the Calendar Year Grand Slam. As Serena continue her era of domination, just capturing her twentieth Grand Slam title extending her ranking points over the rest of the competition, I’ve been reflecting on the eventual biopic of her life. She’s the greatest athlete of all time, so if any athlete deserves one, it would be her. I mean, she (and sister Venus) changed the world of women’s tennis. Of course there has to be a Serena Williams biopic, and probably a Venus one as well.

Like any Black athlete who enters a white dominated sport, Serena’s story is plagued with obstacles of racism, except in Serena’s case, it’s compounded by misogyny. The world of tennis wasn’t ready for the unapologetic Blackness of her and Venus. The story of how despite it all, she was able to become the greatest athlete of all time is worth putting on the big screen. She battled injuries, depression, and a life-threatening illness that would take many others out the game. Instead, she became the most dominant player in history, stunting the careers of many other players who would otherwise be consider historic greats.

But who is worthy of portraying Serena? An epic figure needs to be portrayed by an epic actor. But is there an actor epic enough for her? Tika Sumpter? Kat Graham? Keke Palmer? I think there is one in the making: Quvenzhané Wallis.

I know it seems crazy. But by the time Serena retires (hopefully we get some doubles action out of her when she leaves singles), and a biopic gets off the ground, Quvenzhané could be at a prime age to play Serena. They could even pull a Boyhood and show her aging since Serena started her ascent to greatness early.

Who would you like to see play Serena Williams in a biopic? Leave a comment.


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