‘Field Goal’ Web Series

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a web series, but we’ve got one for you. “Field Goal” shows us what happens when you have an overloaded schedule and you try to date someone with an overloaded schedule. It becomes hard to spend time with each other. Check out the first episode below to see how Monica navigates her relationship woes.


“Field Goal” is a drama webisode revolving around the life and work of a Secretary at a Law Firm that’s going to Law School and her hardworking Blue Collar boyfriend that’s a workaholic and works at a Supply Company. Monica Jones is dedicated to her relationship to Darius Smith and likes to spend a lot of quality time with him but he works a crazy schedule and can’t spend as much or put in the time to make the relationship spicy. Monica is forced to spend time with friends that will make time for her.


Melody Floyd – Monica Jones

Demetrious Madison – Darius Smith


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