‘Blaq Gold The Series’

Blaq Gold seeks to take a look at the various institutions that make up “The System,” including politics, the entertainment industry, and media. Check out the synopsis and trailer below, and be sure to donate to the fundraising campaign.


Blaq Gold is a raw multicultural TV series drama characterized by complex, multiple stories that demonstrates how institutions like politics, the entertainment industry, the media, and the urban street elements are built from a complex web of relationships and how men and women treat and view each other in its core of the most heightened of circumstances exposing the drama and stupidity of some, but also highlighting the loyalty and resilience of others.. Unlike the black and white worlds of television, Blaq Gold is all grey. 

Blaq Gold The Series addresses a variety topics including, Politics, Crime, Racism, Domestic Violence, Bullying, Homophobia, Loyalty, Sexism, Love, Hate, etc. This controversial series will have your coffee break chat and social media on fire! This episodic drama will take you on a journey that reveals the weaknesses and resilience of the individuals that run this city, and highlight the rewards and consequences of the choices they make! 


Vivica A Fox

Tommy Ford

Roy Jones Jr.

Geffri Maya

Rodney Perry

Erica Dixon

Karon Riley

Jeff Trink

April Bogenschutz

Chris “Set If Off” Jones

Donald “Baby D” Jenkins


Director/Writer – Marcello Nine

Assistant Director/Producer – Stevo Carter

Producer – Gloria Hankerson

Co-Producer – Brittney Hooks

Associate Producer – Yolanda Grace


The campaign fundraiser can be found here.


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