‘Diary of a Badman’

An upcoming film from Deniran Films, “Diary of a Birdman” seems to be a thrilling adventure through the drug world. The detective and lead character is female, which should give a refreshing take on the whole undercover cop movie. Cop films are male dominated, with women usually playing love interests, victims, or supporting cops with little screen. Black women usually don’t get these many options, so here’s to more films like this one.


Lady Detective, Simone Williams (played by actress Jacinth Sutphin), a Jamaican immigrant to the US, dreams of working undercover on a high profile case. She finally gets her chance to go undercover to catch a notorious drug dealer, Winston Bailey aka Bucky. She falls victim to his charming personality; compromising her assignment. Lines begin to blur as she gets in deeper. Over time, Williams develops a close bond with Bailey, and their loyalties are put to the ultimate test.



Coming later this year.


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